Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Gandhi Peace Foundation Seminar

The Gandhi Peace foundation seminar was held on Saturday 7th april 2007. Although the number of people who attended the seminar was lesser than the ILUG team, the seminar was pretty interactive. We were amazed at the level of knowledge some people showed while we spoke.

Reju, JJ, Balakrishnan Sir and me spoke.

Reju gave an introduction to the human values and how Swathanthra Software was important to us.

JJ gave an actual idea of how Freedom is in the field of Software just like in all other fields.

Balakrishnan Sir tried to focus on the concept of Freedom compared to the Freedom we gained as a country and how the concept of community can evolve.

I talked about how we need to learn about technology and understand its basics and how we can utilize this freedom for the good of the society.

It was a good experience for the members due to the in depth analysis of the philosophy and ethics behind Free Software.